State Events and Competitions

The Massachusetts State Grange Youth Association is designed to provide leadership training and life skills training opportunities. There are only two programs that are age specific; all programs are open to all Grange members regardless of age.The goals of the Massachusetts State Grange Youth Association include providing leadership training through a variety of opportunities such as: Regional Conferences, Ambassador Program, John Trimble Legislative Experience, Mentoring Programs and The National Convention, just to name a few. Individual life skills are developed through the Achievement Award Program which offers opportunities for exploration in public speaking, communication (Sign-A-Song and Foreign Language), critical thinking, mentoring, and career exploration.

Those who desire to learn more about our organization can build pride and knowledge through our bi-monthly meetings and Youth Leadership Training School in the summer.

Building Communities, Promoting Citizenry

Public Speaking Contest

  • Sign-A-Song Contest
  • Bowling Contest
  • State Youth Ambassador Program
  • Outstanding Young Adult
  • Outstanding Granger
  • Young Couple
  • Mr. and Mrs. Grange
  • Most Creative Youth Night Program
  • Massachusetts State Grange Mentor Program
  • National Grange Programs

Next Meeting Date: 3/15/2020