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The Grange Lecturer is responsible for planning and presenting educational and entertaining programs during Grange meetings. This page contains information about Grange contests sponsored by the Lecturer’s Department and resources for Grange Lecturers.


If you have any questions regarding the programs and contests listed below, please contact the State Grange Lecturer or a member of the Lecturer’s Coordinating Committee:


 Lecturer: Kristin Paulson (508) 529-6950  gopremier@gmail.com

Resources for Grange Lecturers:


   Program Resources: 

    The State and National Granges provide program resources to help Grange Lecturers plan their        programs. Download the State and National Program Resources information for topic and                program planning ideas.


    Agriculture Education is a major focus of the Massachusetts State Grange. Local Granges are           encouraged to hold programs to educate their local communities on topics such as home                   gardening and protecting pollinators. Download the State Grange’s Agriculture Education                 Planning and Resource document for ideas and tools to help plan your Grange’s program. 

   Report Forms: 

    Grange Lecturers should file quarterly and reports to the State Lecturer which provide                       information about the programs and events happening in their Grange.


   Pomona Grange Lecturers: 

    Pomona Lecturer’s Quarterly Report 

    Pomona Lecturer’s Annual Report 


   Subordinate Grange Lecturers: 

    Subordinate Lecturer’s Quarterly Report 

    Subordinate Lecturer’s Annual Report 

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