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The Massachusetts State Grange Tour is heading to Burlington Vermont and the surounding area from April 17-19th. Cost of trip is Single $606.00 Double $474.00 Triple $430.00
Please Contact: Janet Horne 701 Prentice St Holliston MA 01746

   As the joy of the Holiday Season still lingers in our hearts, our thoughts turn to the prospect of a fruitful and prosperous New Year. We all have great expectations as to what the coming year will become for us. Many of us have made resolutions for the new year to improve the quality of our lives! But these expectations can only become reality by implementing the resolutions we make for 2016.

Will your resolutions be used to improve your Grange? Resolutions are but goals, what goals have you and your Grange set for the new year. Will it be to promote agriculture in your community, thus gaining visibility in your community and the prospect of new members?

The State Grange has many resources available to your grange to aid you in promoting agriculture. The Agriculture Education Committee in conjunction with our partners from UMass and Ag in the Classroom have developed a program named “Pollinators” that can be presented by your  Grange. They are also working with five community granges  on a “Backyard Garden” program that will be available later this year. The State Grange also has Agricultural Education Grants available to help granges fund the presentation of these programs and other projects that will benefit your community.

Wishing you and your Grange a happy and productive
New Year and I am looking forward to learning of your
Granges successes.


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Seed Order Program

Mass. Grange Ag. & Environment Committee is selling non-GMO seeds to support the agricultural education efforts of the Grange Roots program. Popular cold-hardy varieties of garden plants (both organic and conventional) are being offered from FedCo, a cooperative seed company based in Massachusetts and Maine. Order forms can be downloaded below. Orders must be received by  Feb. 26, 2016. Completed forms and full payment with checks payable to “Mass. State Grange,” memo line “Ag. fundraiser” should be sent to:
Jessica Goodfield
830 Springhill Rd   
Barre, MA 01005

Seed Order Program

Ag in the Enviroment is having a Seed Program being sold through Februrary more information can be found here: